Week in Terrorism

This Week in Terrorism (WiT) was designed by the Rise to Peace team to increase the accessibility and usability of data on terror activity around the world. Many sources compile large quantities of attack data, but these weekly summaries are meant to enhance that data through visual representations and brief analyses. In this way, WiT provides an avenue for everyday individuals to interact with terrorism news more efficiently and easily. By displaying attack data in week-by-week snapshots, WiT also creates a new method for aggregating and interpreting data in the future.
WiT seeks to provide a well-rounded picture of terror activity, and so presents attack data on both large and small scales. To create a broad overview of the week's terror activities, WiT sorts all attack data according to the nations affected and the groups responsible while also tracking the total attacks, fatalities, and injuries due to terror. To provide a complete understanding of terror worldwide, WiT supplies detailed descriptions of atypical occurrences throughout the week, such as new groups, unusual tactics, and heavily affected regions. By creating a wide-angle view of attack data while zooming in on anomalies in that data, WiT provides a nuanced understanding of the week's terror activities in the most efficient way possible.
Weekly Reports: