Have you ever considered the possibilities ahead of an Afghan child if they are provided with opportunities to overcome conflict and reach their potential? At Rise to Peace, a registered 501c (3) non-profit, this is a question that we strive to answer every day through our work, but have a personal understanding of what is needed to produce success stories too.

In Afghanistan, children and youth face violence and extremism on a regular basis. For some, it is a fact of daily life. Rise to Peace understands —and promotes — the belief that local people create positive changes in their communities and the involvement of younger generations is vital to the pathway towards peace. Our Child Extremism Project links vulnerable youth with the right tools and resources so that they turn away from extremism and toward a prosperous future full of opportunity.

Living through conflict and the experience of war taught President and Founder Ahmad Mohibi many important lessons in how to communicate with people who endure similar situations, especially youth. He learned that kindness and support means so much to those in need, especially as he and his family once sought the same things with open eyes and hands asking for help, during a period of repressive regimes and poverty in the 1990s Afghanistan.

Rather than turn towards violence and extremism, Mohibi aided the US Army and helped efforts to rebuild a strong Afghan National Army (ANA). He is now a voice in Washington D.C. shaping sound policies and connecting diverse people dedicated to positive change. 

This journey motivated by the need to combat terrorism and empower people led Mohibi to create Rise to Peace so that he could help others once like him in Afghanistan as well as gather an international community in support of such goals. Further, he expresses his understanding of terrorism to investigate why others are radicalized and turn towards violence. What help or resources could have prevented such a turn? This background makes our Child Extremism Project unique as Rise to Peace provides exceptional understanding of issues and actionable solutions to reach those children in need.

Will you support an organization that has on the ground and personal experience in achieving such success? Please donate to our Child Extremism Project to ensure we can provide the best initiatives for positive change to children in Afghanistan. Any amount — even $1 — will make a difference,

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