UAD Methodology (Updated 4/3/2018)

The Undercovered Attacks Database is meant to especially highlight acts of terrorism that do not receive coverage in the United States. The spreadsheet highlights the information of considerable attacks that we believe were not given attention by U.S. media sources. Attacks filed here fit three main criteria:
1 – They fall under the same definitions and classifications of terrorism as described in the Rise To Peace Active Intelligence Database (AID). This database serves as an extension and crystallization of the data available in the AID. Any attack in the UAD is filed in the AID first. All input methodology is the same as well, described on the AID Methodology page.
2 – They are a considerable attack. In the name of simplicity, we use a Total Casualties level of 21 in order to denote a considerable level. The level of 21 was chosen, as it represented the 90th percentile of Total Casualties inputs into the Active Intelligence Database as of 8 March 2018, a data set of 1,342 attacks.
3 – They are not mentioned in a piece published by one of the top five online news outlets in the United States. We use the index provided by Feedspot to create this list, which is comprised of: CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, Fox News, and USA Today.