Ahmad Mohibi

Ahmad met with President Barack Obama on July 21, 2016 as part of a display of gratitude for Ahmad’s faithful services to the United States government. 


Ahmad’s humanitarian work was recognized by Former President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan who also personally met with Ahmad to express gratitude for Ahmad’s ways of helping, educating, and re-educating youth to build a united and peaceful nation. 2015

Ahmad is working alongside his father, COL Mohibullah Mansoori, to fight terrorism and bring peace to the nation and to the world. 2009
Ahmad helping the Tarakhil village locals with clothing, stationaries, etc., alongside the United States and Afghan forces. 2007
Ahmad is working alongside the US and Afghan forces as a translator and cultural advisor. Kabul, 2009

Ahmad is helping the US and Afghan soldiers to fight terrorism and build democratic nations for peace and stability in the world. Gardez, Afghanistan. 2008

Ahmad with the Mongolian locals during his medical humanitarian mission.  Ahmad's mission was helping the poor and spreading a message of peace and kindness. August 2016

Ahmad is hopeful that his efforts and those of Rise to Peace will inspire the international community and policy makers to create a strategic solution to end terrorism. Ahmad also helps the Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service as a Refugee Advocate. 2014

Ahmad's hope is for stability and peace so children of future generations have a childhood without horrific traumas.

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