• Rise to Peace

    The Afghan Peace Process Project

    Rise to Peace held its first-panel discussion in Kabul, Afghanistan, despite the risk of violence and Taliban threats, where locals, experts, and students discussed the immediate need for peace and stability in the country followed by policy recommendation for the United States, the Afghan government, and the international community.

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  • Field Research

    The Interview Project

    We interview young people who formerly embraced extremist ideology and became misguided foot soldiers for groups such as the Taliban, Al-Shabaab and ISIS

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  • The Hello Project

    Communication and Dialogue

    We aim to provide tools to help build a bridge where major security issues such as extremism, radicalization, social injustices are properly communicated and taken care of before it leads to violence.

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  • Washington D.C.

    High-Level Advocacy

    Rise to Peace gathers renowned experts to explore the genesis of global radicalization and how to counter the rise of violent extremist ideology

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  • The Madrasa Boys Project

    Education Development

    Our objective is to effectively examine the problems and effectively reinforce the volume to address the key drivers to extremism.

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Rise to Peace

Although we live in dangerous times, rife with both international and domestic terrorism, there is hope and there is a clear path towards peace – that road is education and Rise to Peace helps to build that path one person at a time.

Our Recent Work

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Understanding Memories of the Sri Lankan Civil War

Memory is not just the process of retaining events that happened in the past as it has a major function...
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Are There Any Lessons for Afghanistan from Post-Civil War Algeria?

Wars manifest differently in various locales: however, accrued insights can be considered in other scenarios. The Algerian government experienced a...
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Recent American Decisions Will Influence Afghan Peace Talks

Two current events have implications for Afghanistan. Joe Biden was declared as president-elect in the United States presidential election by...
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Youth Are an Important Factor for a Peaceful Afghanistan of the Future

Some say that the intra-Afghan peace talks in Doha, Qatar represent a unique opportunity to change the current state of...
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Unite as Americans as We Celebrate this Veterans Day

I had the honor to serve with the United States Armed Forces from the early age of 16. While on...
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The Taliban Killed Her Husband but It Did Not Stop Her Children from School

Jamila (45) has managed to keep her children in school despite the economic hardship caused by the loss of her...
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Progress or Plight?: CPEC & Baloch Separatism in Pakistan

With a valuation pegged between $50-60 billion USD, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, most commonly referred to as CPEC, presents Pakistan...
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What Can Afghanistan Learn from the Colombian Peace Agreement?

Amidst chaos in Kabul and confusion in Doha, Qatar, the future of the Afghan peace process looks gloomy. The recent...
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Crime, Punishment and Deradicalization

Deradicalization programming is an essential element in wider reintegration efforts of individuals who have fallen victim to extremist philosophies, however...
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Afghan Peace Talks: Interests and Uncertainties

It has been more than a month since inter-Afghan negotiations started in Doha, Qatar. Within this period, they have come...
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Research & Analysis

Our frontline research and informed analysis unravels the grassroots causes of terrorism and extremism so that we can offer actionable prevention strategies.

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Education & Awareness

We implement localized educational projects available to all members of civil society that focus on objectives of kindness, rather than division and hate.

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Policy & Practice

We gather renowned experts at high level discussions to share knowledge on the best practices to prevent extremism and terrorism with the public.

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Connect for Change

We provide opportunities to people of diverse backgrounds to connect with each other, exchange ideas, and collaborate to counter the universal scourge of terror.

News and Announcements

 High-Level Advocacy


Internship Alert 📢

We are hiring for spring 2021!

If you have an interest in #communication, research, data analysis, or fundraising, this announcement is for you!
Deadline: December 15, 2020.

Develop your skills and expand your knowledge!

👉 https://www.risetopeace.org/about-us/internships/

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Gratitude opens the doors to more peace. 🕊️ ...

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Internship Alert 📢

We are hiring for spring 2021!

If you have an interest in communication, research, data analysis or fundraising, this announcement is for you! Visit our website and discover all our flexible remote counter-terrorism opportunitites! Deadline: December 15, 2020.

Join us, develop your skills and expand your knowledge !

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Our opportunities ➡️ www.risetopeace.org/about-us/internships/

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