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19th Edition of the World Summit on Counter Terrorism in Israel

The 19th edition of the World Summit on Counter-Terrorism was held from 9th to 12th September 2019 in Herzliya, a…

2 months ago

Lessons From the Past: From Feminism to Women Joining Terrorist Organizations

Women have always demonstrated capabilities of exerting powerful influence in the world. Undoubtedly, the Nineteenth Century provides a glorious example…

2 months ago

Exclusive Interview with Phil Gurski on Female Extremism

As a part of The Women in Extremism Program, Rise to Peace‚Äôs Simone Matassa had the privilege of interviewing Phil…

3 months ago

Women’s Roles in Al-Shabaab: Deeper Understanding and Research Is Needed

In April 2019, it was reported that recent studies over-emphasise the role of men in terrorism, therefore overlooking and underestimating…

4 months ago

Women of the Irish Republican Army: Powerful or Powerless?

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is a paramilitary organization that has operated out of Ireland since 1917. There have been…

4 months ago