Afghan Promises and a Peace Plan in Trump’s State of the Union Address

At the State of the Union, President Trump endorsed peace talks with the Taliban and promised that he continues to…

8 months ago

An Afghanistan peace might be in reach, after all

It is a rational assumption that President Trump is likely to resume peace talks in Afghanistan after comments made during…

10 months ago

Narcotics and Insecurity: How the Afghan-Tajik Drug Trade Derails Peace

A special field report by Rise to Peace.  Taliban makes 10 million Afghanis daily via drug trafficking in northern Afghanistan.…

11 months ago

Assassination of top commanders paves the way for Taliban to advance

Famous Afghan commander killed in Northern Afghanistan Hours into September 1st, a mine detonated and killed General Nazir Mohammad Niazi…

1 year ago

What in the World Is Going On in Afghanistan?

What in the World Is Going On in Afghanistan?

1 year ago