Afghan Promises and a Peace Plan in Trump’s State of the Union Address

At the State of the Union, President Trump endorsed peace talks with the Taliban and promised that he continues to…

2 months ago

An Afghanistan peace might be in reach, after all

It is a rational assumption that President Trump is likely to resume peace talks in Afghanistan after comments made during…

4 months ago

Narcotics and Insecurity: How the Afghan-Tajik Drug Trade Derails Peace

A special field report by Rise to Peace.  Taliban makes 10 million Afghanis daily via drug trafficking in northern Afghanistan.…

5 months ago

Assassination of top commanders paves the way for Taliban to advance

Famous Afghan commander killed in Northern Afghanistan Hours into September 1st, a mine detonated and killed General Nazir Mohammad Niazi…

7 months ago

What in the World Is Going On in Afghanistan?

What in the World Is Going On in Afghanistan?

7 months ago