Empowering global peace, education, and tolerance to prevent terrorism and extremism.


A world united against hate, extremism, and terrorism, celebrating diversity and empowering individuals to drive positive change.

Strategic Framework

Rise to Peace operates within a robust and professional strategic framework designed to effectively counter violent extremism and terrorism while fostering global understanding and collaboration. Our strategic approach encompasses the following key components:

Salam Fellowship Program: Through the esteemed Salam Fellowship Program, we strategically recruit passionate individuals from around the world who demonstrate exceptional potential to become scholars and changemakers in countering extremism and terrorism. These selected fellows undergo a rigorous training regimen, benefit from personalized mentorship, and engage in hands-on experiential learning opportunities. By nurturing their skills and knowledge, we empower them to address these complex challenges with expertise and dedication.

Research and Analysis: Our organization prioritizes meticulous research and analysis to deepen our understanding of the drivers, dynamics, and tactics of extremism and terrorism. Our team of experts conducts in-depth studies, analyzes trends, and evaluates the effectiveness of counterterrorism strategies. Through evidence-based insights, we inform the design and implementation of our programs, policies, and initiatives, ensuring they are grounded in sound research and best practices.

Policy Engagement and Advocacy: Rise to Peace actively engages with governments, policymakers, and international organizations to advocate for comprehensive and impactful policies in countering extremism and terrorism. We participate in high-level policy discussions, provide expert input, and contribute to the development of effective strategies. Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to shape policy agendas, foster international cooperation, and promote the adoption of evidence-based approaches to combat these challenges.

Capacity Building and Training: As part of our commitment to enhancing capabilities in countering extremism and terrorism, we prioritize capacity building and training initiatives. Through targeted programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms, we equip our fellows, partners, and stakeholders with the necessary skills, resources, and networks to effectively address these complex issues. By empowering individuals and organizations, we foster sustainable change and strengthen their ability to counter the threats posed by extremism and terrorism.

Global Collaboration and Talent Recruitment: Rise to Peace actively fosters global collaboration by recruiting and engaging talented scholars and professionals from diverse backgrounds. By bringing together individuals with varied perspectives, expertise, and experiences, we create a vibrant and innovative environment for countering extremism and terrorism. Through the Salam Fellowship Program and other collaborative initiatives, we harness the collective power of global talent to drive positive change, encourage cross-cultural dialogue, and develop innovative solutions.

By integrating the Salam Fellowship Program into our professional strategic framework, we ensure that our initiatives are enriched by the valuable contributions of talented individuals from around the world. Together, we work towards countering extremism and terrorism, promoting understanding, and fostering a more inclusive, tolerant, and secure world. Through rigorous research, policy engagement, capacity building, and global collaboration, we strive to make a lasting impact and contribute to a future free from the threats of extremism and terrorism.

Rise to Peace