Ahmad Shah Mohibi: A Journey from War to Peace

Embarking on an extraordinary journey from a war-torn upbringing, Ahmad Shah Mohibi’s story takes flight at the age of 16 when he courageously joins the US military to actively support the war on terror in Afghanistan. Stepping into the heart of counterterrorism operations, he defies adversity, shaping his entrepreneurial spirit and unyielding determination. Despite countless encounters with ambushes, IEDs, roadside bombs, and missile threats, he perseveres while tirelessly aiding the US military and diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. At 23, armed with a special immigrant visa, he sets foot in the United States.

Academic Pursuits and Entrepreneurial Path

Fueled by an unwavering thirst for change, Ahmad Shah immerses himself in academia, earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees while passionately charting his entrepreneurial path. Inspired by personal experiences and a resolute commitment to combat global terrorism, he establishes Rise to Peace—an organization at the forefront of tackling extremism and influencing policy. Rise to Peace rapidly gains acclaim as a catalyst for international efforts, connecting scholars and forging positive change.

Advocacy for the Next Generation

As a passionate advocate for the next generation of leaders, Ahmad Shah Mohibi shares riveting life stories, valuable insights, and unconventional perspectives on entrepreneurship and career trajectories. Empowering a network of over 500 young leaders from 34 nations, he offers unwavering guidance and mentorship. An esteemed media personality, Ahmad Shah’s news analysis publications and international conference appearances captivate millions worldwide, garnering respect and admiration.

Global Impact and Inspirational Messages

Ahmad Shah utilizes his platform to inspire change-seekers. From his captivating podcast to engaging public speaking engagements, his impactful publications to thought-provoking media appearances, he dismantles limiting beliefs and challenges conventional notions of success. With a unique background steeped in firsthand experiences, his voice resonates globally, propelling him to the forefront of news analysis publications and international conferences, captivating audiences worldwide.

Continued Impact and Fearless Pursuits

Continuing to leave an indelible mark through entrepreneurial pursuits, humanitarian endeavors, and inspirational messages, Ahmad Shah stands as a testament to the transformative power of fearlessness and the pursuit of passion from a young age. His extraordinary journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals to triumph over obstacles, seize opportunities, and create positive ripples in our world.

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