Operation Freedom 
Rise to Peace “Operation Freedom” is a critical three-stage initiative, manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by dedicated Rise to Peace volunteers, who include US military veterans, college and graduate students, and scores of concerned citizens from all corners of the United States and across the globe.  

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Red Team 

Rise to Peace members assigned to the Red Team focus on the most imminent task, getting high-priority Afghan nationals out of the country as soon as possible.  These Afghan nationals are most at risk under the Taliban regime, in that most of these people dedicated their lives to democracy and freedom in Afghanistan and were loyal to the United States and its allies through decades of military conflict with the Taliban and other terrorist groups, often sacrificing their lives and the security of their loved ones for due to their loyalty to America in the wake of the 9/11 war on terror.  Their loyalty to the United States remains, therefore we have an obligation and duty to ensure they and their families have safe passage out of Afghanistan.
Black Team 
Rise to Peace members assigned to the Green Team work in close coordination with the Red Team and “take the baton” after Afghan nationals leave Afghanistan and assist them with paperwork and logistics upon their arrival into third-party nations.  Whether that location is the UK, Turkey, the UAE, the USA or Canada, Rise to Peace understands that the real journey only begins once Afghan citizens leave their nation and critical support is needed to ensure every woman, man and child has the proper travel and residency documents to ensure their families remain safe once their exit Afghanistan.
Green Team 
Rise to Peace members assigned to the Green Team work with host nations that are the final destination of the Afghan nationals and ensure they have the social, financial and logistics network to succeed.
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