The Rise to Peace Digital Extremism Counter-Terrorism Portfolio (DECT) is a collection of information regarding Online Radicalisation and Digital Extremism. The DECT Portfolio will be managed by members of the Counter-Terrorism team with the goal being to inform the public and policymakers on extremism and propaganda as it occurs in cyberspace.

The DECT Portfolio is a convenient location providing the necessary analysis, research, conversations, and content in order to educate and ultimately reduce the effects of Digital Extremism and Online Radicalization.

The DECT Portfolio provides many services and products to inform readers about Digital Extremism and Online Radicalization. To fulfill the team’s mission, the following is provided:

  • Analysis of current events as they relate to Online Radicalization and Digital Extremism. 
  • Case studies of extremist organizations and their use of digital extremism and strategies towards online radicalization. 
  • Interviews with experts, corporations, and individuals with knowledge pertaining to Online Radicalization and Digital Extremism.  
  • Provide a platform to safely analyze extremist content.
  • Upload positive and educational media content created by Rise to Peace as it relates to DIgital Extremism in order to counter the effects of Digital Extremism and Online Radicalization. 

Portfolio of Articles

The goal of this page is to provide readers with articles written by our Counter-Terrorism team. These articles will offer an analysis of current events, topics, and ideas as they relate to Digital Extremism and Online Radicalization. These articles will remain, forming a portfolio for Rise to Peace and a library of information for readers to refer to and explore.

Research Projects/Case Studies

The DECT Portfolio will provide special projects and case studies related to online extremism. These projects and case studies will cover special topics in Digital Extremism, Online Radicalization, and Online Hate.

Analysis of Extremist Propaganda

Terror Organizations rely heavily upon recruitment to build strength and conduct terror operations. This recent trend in terror recruitment has been through online platforms. Propaganda comes in the forms of video, pictures, and post that are meant to anger and inspire. The Counter-Terrorism team offers an in-depth understanding of terrorist propaganda and analysis into the content that fills terrorist propaganda.  


We offer voices from all sides of Digital Extremism so that readers can have an understanding as it relates to corporations, professionals, and individuals. 

Media Content

The DETC Portfolio will provide viewers with video content related to Digital Extremism. Our goal is to educate and counter-terrorism by providing viewers with positive and informative content to appear on their social media feed, or here on this page.  

Rise to Peace