There is a need to understand the root causes of violent extremism and the rise of terrorism in the 21st century that stirs conflict around the world. Academia professionals, policymakers and security agencies always maintain a need for strong research to create policies that reduce the vulnerability of people to the cruel effects of terrorism.

Rise to Peace conducts frontline reports and research on the ground with local partners to help the international community counter terrorism and violent extremism. Our team of researchers and journalists work on these issues to gather reports, analyze data and present our evidence-based approaches to government institutions, CVE organizations, as well as the government to make more effective policies. Rise to Peace impact depends on its high standards of research, reporting, sharp analysis and strong policy recommendation.

We publish inclusive reports, and timely commentaries on national and international media outlets to inform decision making and shape the public debate on how to prevent and counter violent extremism limit threats to peace and security worldwide

We published 3 in-depth reports, alongside nearly 150 opinions pieces, videos, and multimedia.

Every week, we track and report terrorist attacks around the globe on The Active Intelligence Database, an initiative created by the Rise to Peace team in an effort to spread information and facilitate education on the threat of global terrorism

Every week, we research, examine and publish Week in Terrorism, This Week in Terrorism (WiT) was designed by the Rise to Peace team to increase the accessibility and usability of data on terror activity around the world.

The Active Intelligence team at Rise to Peace updates The Active Intelligence Map (AIM), a running map of terrorist attacks throughout the world. Like all of Rise to Peace’s data-driven initiatives, AIM sets itself apart from other terror data visualizations in that its data is current within a week.

Rise to Peace