Rise to Peace held its first-panel discussion in Kabul, Afghanistan, despite the risk of violence and Taliban threats, where locals, experts, and students discussed the immediate need for peace and stability in the country followed by policy recommendation for the United States, the Afghan government, and the international community.


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Mirdad Khan Nejrabi

Secretary of Wolesi Jirga - Afghanistan Parliament

Mirdad Khan Nejrabi is the Secretary of the Wolesi Jira (House of People) at the National Assembly of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Formerly worked as the Chairman for defensive and territorial integrity commissioned and prior to becoming a parliament member, he worked at the Ministry of Interior Affairs, in which he served in different senior leadership national security matters.

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Mirza Mohammad Yarmand

Former Deputy Minister at Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOI)

Mirza Mohammad Yarmand is the former deputy director of Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOI). He currently works as an advisor to the National Security office. You can learn more about him on this NY Times article.

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Sayed Ihsan Taheri

Spokesperson and Strategic Communications Director of Executive Secretariat for Peace Process

Sayed Ihsan Taheri appointed Spokesperson and Strategic Communications Director of Executive Secretariat for Peace Process.

Previously, he has worked as Head of Secretariat for the Private Sector Development Executive Committee, Head of Government Communications and Public Awareness at the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat and Head of Government Monitoring and Evaluation Authority.

Mr. Taheri is also awarded Ambassador for Peace to Afghanistan by the Universal Peace Federation Europe Office in 2009.

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Jawid Kohistani

Military Analyst

Jawid Kohistani is a former military officer and intelligence official. Javid Kohistani, a political scholar.

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Faizullah Jalal

Professor, Kabul University

Faizullah Jalal was born is a law professor and political science at Kabul University and a critic of the Afghanistan National Unity Government. His wife, Massouda Jalal was the first women presidential candidate and the former minister for women affairs. Click here to learn more.

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Masood Ahmad Azizi

Deputy Minister at Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOI)

Major General Masood Ahmad Azizi is an AfghanPolitician and Deputy Minister at Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOI) Azizi previously served as the Chief of Staff of the Governor of Nangarhar and Kandahar.

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Abdul Bari Nejrabi

Political Analyst

Abdul Bari Nejrabi is a businessman with years of experience in international development and private sectors. He recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Political Science and Economics from the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University. In 2014, he served as a member of the Student Council of the American University in Sharjah, UAE. In the summer of 2017, he participated in the youth assembly at the United Nations representing Afghanistan.  Presently, he works as a Political Analyst at Rise to Peace organization in Washington D.C.

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Ahmad Shah Mohibi


Ahmad Shah Mohibi is the Founder of Rise to Peace. He brings over a decade of experience working with the development, diplomatic, and defense communities in conflict, post-conflict, and stabilization settings. He served as a Program Advisor to the Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in Afghanistan, where he helped coordinate, implement, and monitor interconnected projects, including the $10 million initiative to build the Justice Center in Parwan. Prior to the State Department, Ahmad assisted the United States Military in various capacities to help provide comprehensive strategic planning and project management in support of the NATO-led Resolute Support mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces and institutions. 

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