Field Research. Sharp Analysis. Peace Advocacy

Rise to Peace intent on countering violent extremism and terrorism by engaging with local partners in affected communities, as well as those in positions who can facilitate change.

Field Research

The Interview Project

Rise to Peace seeks to fulfill its mission with a series of educational efforts. The foundation of these efforts is the “Interview Project,” in which we personally interview young people who formerly embraced extremist ideology and became misguided foot soldiers for groups such as the Taliban, al-Shabaab and ISIS – we travel around the globe to conduct these interviews and understand how these youngsters were recruited by these groups and what eventually enabled them to break the chains of extremism.

Active Intelligence Database

The Active Intelligence Database is an initiative created by the Rise to Peace team in an effort to spread information and facilitate education on the threat of global terrorism.

Sharp Analysis

There is a need to understand the root causes of violent extremism and the rise of terrorism in the 21st century that stirs conflict around the world. Academia professionals, policymakers and security agencies always maintain a need for strong research to create policies that reduce the vulnerability of people to the cruel effects of terrorism.

Peace Advocacy

We believe in the power of communities as the true path to countering violent extremism and sustainable peace. Peace is critical and achievable, but it must come from indigenous citizens. Our objective is to develop resilience in the communities to be the frontline in countering violent extremism and in peacemaking through trainings, engagements and establishing effective communication.