Rise to Peace is a unique organization dedicated to countering extremism and terrorism through collaboration, research, and proactive initiatives. Our multifaceted approach encompasses the following key components:

Salam Fellowship Program

Our esteemed Salam Fellowship Program strategically recruits passionate individuals from around the world who demonstrate exceptional potential to become scholars and changemakers in countering extremism and terrorism. Through rigorous training, personalized mentorship, and hands-on experiential learning, we empower our fellows to address these complex challenges with expertise and dedication.

Research and Analysis

We prioritize meticulous research and analysis to deepen our understanding of the drivers, dynamics, and tactics of extremism and terrorism. Our team of experts conducts in-depth studies, analyzes trends, and evaluates the effectiveness of counterterrorism strategies. By utilizing evidence-based insights, we inform the design and implementation of programs, policies, and initiatives grounded in sound research and best practices.

Policy Engagement and Advocacy

Active engagement with governments, policymakers, and international organizations is integral to our work. We advocate for comprehensive and impactful policies in countering extremism and terrorism. By participating in high-level policy discussions, providing expert input, and contributing to the development of effective strategies, we shape policy agendas, foster international cooperation, and promote evidence-based approaches.

Capacity Building and Training

Enhancing capabilities in countering extremism and terrorism is central to our mission. We prioritize capacity building and training initiatives, offering targeted programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms. By equipping our fellows, partners, and stakeholders with the necessary skills, resources, and networks, we empower them to effectively address these complex issues. Through these efforts, we foster sustainable change and strengthen the ability to counter the threats posed by extremism and terrorism.

Education and Awareness

We implement localized educational projects available to all members of civil society, with a focus on promoting kindness and countering division and hate.

Empowering Understanding through Media Analysis

Rise to Peace provides news commentary and media services as part of our comprehensive approach in countering extremism and terrorism. Through international affairs analysis and expert insights, we aim to reach a wide audience and spread our mission of understanding the root causes of violent extremism and terrorism in the 21st century. We engage academia, professionals, policymakers, and security agencies to address the challenges posed by terrorism. Our in-depth analysis fosters informed discussions and generates awareness about the multifaceted nature of extremism, bridging the gap between research and practical solutions. By leveraging news commentary and media platforms, we strive to translate insights into effective policies that promote peace and security, ultimately working towards a safer and more peaceful world.

Policy and Practice

We convene renowned experts for high-level discussions, sharing knowledge on best practices to prevent extremism and terrorism with the public. Recognizing the need to understand the root causes of violent extremism in the 21st century, we work closely with academia, policymakers, and security agencies to develop evidence-based policies and interventions.

Connect for Change

We provide opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate in countering the universal scourge of terrorism. We believe in the power of communities as the true frontline in countering violent extremism and promoting sustainable peace. Through trainings, engagements, and effective communication, we aim to develop resilience within communities and empower them to actively counter extremism.

Evacuation Assistance and Post-Evacuation Support

Since August 2021, Rise to Peace has been at the forefront of assisting with the US exit out of Afghanistan. We have worked tirelessly to facilitate the safe evacuation of individuals from Afghanistan to the United States, as well as assisting evacuees in reaching the US from intermediary locations such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Turkey, and Pakistan. Our dedicated team of 24 individuals worked around the clock as part of “Operation Freedom – Afghanistan Evacuation,” collecting data, analyzing information, and submitting it for evacuation consideration.

In collaboration with the US government, we have played a vital role in identifying and prioritizing high-risk individuals for evacuation, ensuring their safe passage out of Afghanistan. Once evacuated, our support extends to providing comprehensive assistance during the resettlement process. We have helped Afghan evacuees find housing and employment opportunities, offered cultural consultations to aid in their integration, and connected them with essential tools and resources to facilitate their successful transition into their new communities.

Recognizing the challenges faced by Afghan evacuees, we also provide legal and immigration services to navigate the complexities of the immigration system, ensuring that they have the necessary support to rebuild their lives with security and peace of mind. Rise to Peace remains committed to providing ongoing support to Afghan evacuees, empowering them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive in their new lives.

Bridging the Gap for Peace: Rise to Peace’s Mission in Countering Extremism and Terrorism

Rise to Peace was founded based on the lived experience of its founder, who grew up in the middle of the civil war in Afghanistan and later worked with the US government to combat terrorism and promote democracy and development initiatives. The organization was established to bridge the gap in understanding terrorism and extremism, particularly in conflict-affected states, and how these issues impact global perceptions of communities struggling with poverty, long-lasting wars, ethnic tensions, toxic rivalries, drought, and climate challenges. Rise to Peace aims to combat all types of extremism and hate fueled by ignorance, mass perception, regional differences, political differences, religious differences, cultural differences, and other obstacles that hinder a full understanding of diverse perspectives. It strives to provide authentic and unique information to the public and decision-makers, enabling better-informed policies that eradicate extremism, hate, and violence while promoting peace.

Furthermore, Rise to Peace’s broader foundation focuses on cross-cultural understanding and connecting with individuals worldwide who share different values and have experienced extremism or have a passion for challenging the narrative and working towards a peaceful world. This mission and holistic approach have led to the creation of the Salam Fellowship, which allows scholars, students, and professionals from 34 countries to join the organization, conduct research, and contribute valuable insights to the field of counterterrorism. Rise to Peace also places a special emphasis on working with local communities, both in conflict zones and developed and developing countries, through affordable development programs and activities.

We strive to promote equality, inclusiveness, justice, employment, and educational opportunities, fostering resilient communities that can overcome challenges and contribute to peace. Our successful projects in Afghanistan have led to stronger and more resilient communities, and we have hosted numerous community-level dialogues, discussions, and nationwide research and peace initiatives that played a crucial role in the Afghan peace process. At Rise to Peace, our ultimate objective is to contribute to a safer and more peaceful world by countering extremism and terrorism through collaboration, research, and proactive initiatives that bridge the gap in understanding and foster sustainable change.

Rise to Peace