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Michael Sherwin

Board Chair

Michael R. Sherwin, Chair Board of Rise to Peace, is a seasoned lawyer at Kobre and Kim, providing strategic counsel on international government investigations across the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. As the former Acting United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, Mr. Sherwin led his office in groundbreaking cases, including major seizures of illicit Iranian petroleum and digital currency linked to terrorist groups. He also oversaw the prosecution of Abu Agela Masud, the alleged bomb-maker responsible for the Pan AM 103 attack. Notably, Mr. Sherwin played a pivotal role in prosecuting the criminal cases related to the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots, resulting in over 400 filed cases and 500 executed search warrants nationwide within a short period. With an extensive background in national security matters, including advising the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Sherwin’s expertise spans complex areas such as counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and financial crimes. Prior to his legal career, he served in the United States Navy, demonstrating his commitment to public service.

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Elizabeth Carter

Board Member, Treasurer and Director of Development

Elizabeth is a dedicated board member at Rise to Peace, contributing her expertise in program operations and grant writing to support the organization’s mission of promoting peace and countering violent extremism. Her role involves identifying sponsorship opportunities, assessing requirements, and writing compelling grant proposals to secure vital funding. With a proven track record in leading cross-functional teams and securing awarded contracts valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Elizabeth’s leadership and strategic vision have made a significant impact. Her prior experience in developing a global corporate social responsibility program further showcases her commitment to humanitarian causes, making her a highly valuable asset to Rise to Peace.

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Richard McCrensky

Board Member

Richard McCrensky is a highly accomplished researcher, analyst, writer, presenter, and contact builder in the field of international affairs. With extensive management experience and a Top Secret clearance through 2019, he has excelled in challenging environments, tackling critical issues such as terrorist threats to energy resources. Richard’s expertise extends to field reporting and analysis, particularly on Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. He has also contributed significantly to the understanding of oil, gas, and pipeline developments in the Caspian Sea region. His exceptional track record spans multiple years and reflects his commitment to delivering insightful and timely work on pressing global matters.

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Mike Salous

Board Member

Mike Salous is a highly skilled and self-motivated nonprofit development and operations professional, bringing expertise in community organizing, major gift acquisition, marketing, and team leadership to Rise to Peace as a board member. With a proven track record of success, he is known for his innovative thinking, strong fundraising abilities, and exceptional relationship-building skills. Mike has a keen understanding of complex philanthropic organizations, allowing him to develop and execute effective development plans seamlessly. He excels at maximizing performance by analyzing the donor landscape, identifying emerging issues and trends, and implementing appropriate strategies to maintain a competitive position. With outstanding organizational skills and a creative problem-solving approach, Mike adeptly guides teams through complex projects, identifying goals and providing valuable advice on their implications.


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