In the spring of 2019, Rise to Peace launched the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Program (DCTP), with the goal of having a specialized team within Rise to Peace to focus on extremist and terrorist threats that are specific to the United States homeland. The DCTP consists of team members who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with relevant experiences in law enforcement, research, analytics, politics, and intelligence that provides the needed skills to understand the complex nature of terrorism.

Mission Statement

The DCTP seeks to provide detailed research and analysis of terrorist groups and extremist ideologies that exist in the United States to both public-sector and private-sector consumers in order to better guide policy decisions and combat future violence.


The DCTP produces numerous products to realize our mission of providing research, analysis, and intelligence products to relevant consumers. To fulfill our team’s mission, the DCTP completes:

  • Annual assessments of specific terrorist and extremist groups operating in the United States
  • Annual assessments of trends in extremist ideologies
  • Case studies of extremist groups and individual extremists from all types of ideologies
  • Comprehensive historical analysis of terrorists, terror groups, and extremist movements in the United States to provide context in which to view current terrorist threats
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