About WEP Program

The Women and Extremism Program focuses on women who have become extremists, as well as women who are working to combat extremism.


Research will highlight the unique ways women are affected by extremism, vulnerable to it, and able to contribute to countering and challenging extremist narratives. Analysis will cover both the unique vulnerabilities women face within extremist ideologies and also the agency they demonstrate by choosing to join extremist groups for their own political agendas. Consequently, the program illustrates the gendered experiences of women who become involved in extremist organizations and seeks to examine why/how women are radicalized and their function in violent extremism.


The purpose of this project is to explore the relationship between women and violent extremism with the intent of contributing data that highlights the severity of stereotypical responses in literature regarding how women experience violent extremism and radicalization. By doing so, this research aims to create unbiased and engendered preventative measures in dealing with female extremists that could perhaps shape or influence terrorism legislation and policy.


While this program has just launched. If you would like additional information or have any queries regards The Women and Extremism Program please email: hello@risetopeace.org

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