Field Research

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Ahmad Mohibi, president and Director of Counter-terrorism at Rise to Peace greets Taliban supporter biking around the city of Kabul during the ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban. June 17, 2018 Photo by Rise to Peace

Rise to Peace conduct frontline reports, research to help the international community in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Our team of researchers and journalists work on these issues to gather reports, analyze and present it to the institutions, CVE organizations and as well as the governments to make better policies.

Sharp Analysis

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Ahmad Mohibi, president, and Director of Counter-terrorism speaks to TOLOnews to explain why Taliban wants to join the peace process. 16 June 2018. Rise to Peace

Rise to Peace impact depends on its high standards of research, reporting, sharp analysis and strong policy recommendation.

We published 3 in-depth reports, alongside nearly 150 opinions pieces, videos, and multimedia.

Every week, we track and report terrorist attacks around the globe on The Active Intelligence Database, an initiative created by the Rise to Peace team in an effort to spread information and facilitate education on the threat of global terrorism

Every week, we research, examine and publish Week in Terrorism, This Week in Terrorism (WiT) was designed by the Rise to Peace team to increase the accessibility and usability of data on terror activity around the world.

The Active Intelligence team at Rise to Peace updates The Active Intelligence Map (AIM), a running map of terrorist attacks throughout the world.

High-level Advocacy

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Rise to Peace Symposium at George Washington University. The panel was moderated by Michael R. Sherwin, an Assistant United States Attorney and included Dr. Gawdat Bahgat, Ambassador Limbert, and former MIPP Director Dr. Christopher Kojm. December 2016. Rise to Peace

The Rise to Peace Quarterly Expert Symposium gathers renowned experts from various fields (academia, humanitarian organizations, law enforcement, the military, diplomats and foreign service officers) to explore the genesis of global radicalization and how to counter the rise of violent extremist ideology. Each symposium is sponsored by a university and held at different locations across the world.


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