About Active Intelligence Database

The Active Intelligence Database is an initiative created by the Rise To Peace team in an effort to spread information and facilitate education on the threat of global terrorism. While many resources provide users with data and information on global terrorism, the R2P AID team created this database with three particular goals in mind.


While the pursuit of academic and research analysis on global terrorism is critical to policymaking and the pursuit of peace, Rise To Peace has always believed that peace is built from the ground up, and everyday individuals should, therefore, be able to understand and engage with news on global terrorism. Therefore, our data collection and organizational presentation is focused more on offering information pertinent to everyday users and allowing them to feel plugged into global events. We understand that this may trade-off with data stringency or higher-level analysis, but we see this as a worthy goal.


 The huge levels of stringency and analysis utilized by most databases mean that they serve as a strong point of analysis on trends in the past rather than phenomena in the present. The automatically updating nature of the AID web application Airtable ensures that users have recent information and news. While the R2P AID team understands that a rapid updating philosophy disrupts the finer points of data collection, we see this as a worthy goal.


While many higher-level analyses undoubtedly give citations for their source of global terrorism, the R2P AID team believes that connecting individuals to the sources around the world on the front lines of the fight against global terrorism serves a dual purpose. First, it gives individuals a clearer picture of the struggle itself. Secondly, it gives the credit and attention to frontline sources that ensure continued coverage of violence and extremism around the world. Thus, while the AID Source Archives provide users with the notes, hyperlinks, and PDFs of each source used to code the database, the names, and PDFs of each source are also embedded directly into the database for the reading of anyone traversing the database

Latest Articles

The Impact of the Withdrawal of U.S troops from Afghanistan on the Hazara People

The Hazara people are a Persian-speaking, predominantly Shi’a ethnic group, a religious minority among the country’s majority Sunni population. Comprising...
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The Colonial Pipeline Cyber Ransomware Attack and the Continued Threat to the United States

Those who were not aware of the cyberattacks in the United States are now very aware of the threat after...
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Azov Battalion – Guardian Angels or Notorious Extremists?

History Civil unrest took place across Ukraine during the 2014 revolution. This resulted in an overthrow of the elected government...
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Assessing the Effectiveness of Over-the-Horizon Strategies and Its Viability in Afghanistan

As Afghanistan descends into conflict amid the US withdrawal, President Biden and senior military leaders have pledged to maintain “over-the-horizon”...
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The Crisis in Cabo Delgado: A Region that Perseveres

This is the first piece in a series examining the ongoing extremist threat in Mozambique. On March 24th, Islamist insurgents...
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What Is Next For Turkey in Afghanistan?

Following the U.S. withdrawal from Bagram Airfield, the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul has become the last stand in...
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Turkey trained Afghan non commissioned officers salute during a graduation ceremony welcoming them into the Afghan National Army. Source  U.S. Air Force photo Staff Sgt. Laura R. McFarlane - Active Intelligence Database

Can We Profile the “Classic Terrorist” in Europe’s Most Deadly Attacks?

Over the last 20 years, the increased presence of terrorism in Europe has prompted many attempts to tackle the causes...
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Women’s Roles in Right-Wing Extremism in the United States

All around the world, local law enforcement's failure to understand the gender dynamics of terrorist organizations has led to many...
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The Sahel Region: Current Crisis and Challenges

Context Over the past fifteen years, the Sahel and West Africa have become the hub of clandestine trafficking and the...
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From Negotiations to the Front Line Fighting the Taliban: Hoping to End Their Fathers’ War

A Rise to Peace Exclusive interview with Khalid Noor, member of the Afghan negotiating team. Afghan negotiator, Khalid Noor, has...
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