We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on empowering peace, education and tolerance as tools to eliminate extremist ideology and its pervasive brutality around the world.

Mission of Rise to Peace

Way of the Word

The mission of Rise to Peace is to both Counter and Prevent Violent Extremism through multiple inter-related educational initiatives. We believe the root cause of this evil is the recruitment of vulnerable youth with hateful propaganda and misinformation as to why the “way of the gun” is the only option to succeed and find a meaningful life. Rise to Peace counteracts this propaganda with the “way of the word” as to why education and understanding other cultures and religions is the only true path to a peaceful and fulfilling life.

How to Rise to Peace

"Interview Project"

Rise to Peace (R2P) seeks to fulfill its mission with a series of educational efforts. The foundation of these efforts is the “Interview Project,” in which we personally interview young people who formerly embraced extremist ideology and became misguided foot soldiers for groups such as the Taliban, al-Shabaab and ISIS – we travel around the globe to conduct these interviews and understand how these youngsters were recruited by these groups and what eventually enabled them to break the chains of extremism.


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